You’ve Built an Audience, Now What?

It’s no small feat to consistently produce content that people want to consume and to generate a base of readers among millions of content sources – in fact, it’s an accomplishment that you should be compensated for. Let’s take a look at some options you might consider when thinking about your content monetization strategy, specifically via reader revenue.

Key Points

  • Contributions – The simplest, and most risk-free way to start monetizing your reader base is with a plea for financial contributions. It’s a super easy implementation and doesn’t restrict access to any of your content.
  • Access to single articles or timed access – If visitors tend to visit once and not come back to your site, your best option may be to gate all – or at least some – of your content and, that way visitors can pay a-la carte for what they consume. Time passes are also a good option, allowing visitors to browse all of your content in their visit for a set time-period.
  • Subscriptions – If you have a lot of return traffic, a subscription offering may make best sense.
  • Pay Later –  selling access on a ‘read now, pay later’ basis is another option. It’s not only a great user experience without a commitment of a subscription for your visitor, it also raises your conversion rates.

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