I’m regularly on the industry stage, but you can also check out recordings of past presentations here.

  • Micropayments unlock the space between ads and subscriptions
    Why has the way we consume content flipped, moving from a ‘push’ model to what can now be considered as ‘pull’? Why must publishers focus on a business model that […]
  • The future just got one step closer
    I had the opportunity to attend NewsGeist, hosted by Google, during which I gave an Ignite talk on ‘Simplifying the transition from analog to digital by using Augmented Reality.’ In […]
  • Paygates, Not Paywalls
    I had the opportunity to speak at the Digital Innovators’ Summit on how publishers can use conversion funnels instead of rigid paywalls to lead users to paying for content. In […]
  • Paid Content and System Blindness
    My very first time speaking at NewsGeist, talking about the prevalence of system blindness now that the way people consume content has inherently changed. Still a bit rough around the […]

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