Just serve users the content they want, how they want it & they’ll pay for it

TL;DR – Subscriptions kill digital innovation in the name of predictability. Digital access has unbundled traditional content models and users don’t understand why they are forced into subscriptions when they may just want to read one or two articles at a time. The key is to serve users content in the way they want it. In selling content via LaterPay, content providers offer benefits to you as an user, which liberates you to consume, experience, fall in love first, and pay later.

Key Points

  • Over 25% of people will pay for quality content when given the chance to do so easily.
  • But the internet is all about cherry picking – it turns every publisher’s website into a newsstand that offers individual pieces of content.
  • Up to 97% of online readers never reach a paywall. They simply ‘date’ the content provider in a non-committal way, casually engaging rather than subscribing. (Think Tinder not eHarmony!)
  • Paywalls are trying to drive cold users to subscriptions, which feels as awkward as proposing marriage to a Tinder date before you’ve even gotten to know one another.
  • Content providers should think beyond subscriptions and instead think unbundled. We’ve proven that if publishers offer such strong benefits to users, users will actually pay for content.
  • The key is to allow toggling between the user’s need for more content (Flat-rate/ Time Passes) or less content (Pay per Use).
  • Low-friction models are different from traditional analog and digital subscriptions: they allow content providers to offer contextually targeted content, they serve smaller content providers as well as large ones, and they add value, bringing more diversified high-quality content to users for less spend.

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