How To Monetize A Blog

The most common methods to monetize blogs are flawed or ineffective. Creators need to count on a combination of revenue options that work best for readers. It’s time to explore improved content monetization options that focus on the user experience, and ultimately, conversion.

Key Points

  • Ad revenue for general bloggers is quite low and it can have a negative impact on the user experience. With ad-block usage on the rise, ad revenue is difficult to count on.
  • If you can consistently find sponsored content to fit your readers’ interests, it’s a great opportunity. But if it doesn’t resonate with your readers, it reduces your blog’s value. 
  • Affiliate links are only a viable source of income if affiliates are relevant to your blog. The more relevant the products and services, the more likely readers will click on links.
  • Readers land on your website for your content. But when they’re hit with a lengthy subscription process via a paywall, over 99% bounce to another site.
  • Contribution requests remind readers that funds are necessary to support quality content, but it must be quick and easy for them to pay. If the process requires registration, takes people to a different website or platform, or presents any barriers, readers will skip the contribution.
  • Laterpay lets you choose how you want to generate revenue and how you want to present it to your users.

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