8 Reasons Your Readers Don’t Subscribe

Before the Internet age, almost everyone you met had a magazine subscription; today, people seem to expect their content to be free. Every reader judges whether they’re truly receiving value for their dollar – if the content isn’t valuable, they’ll move on. Quality content will always find an audience, so if you build quality into your brand, you’ll find readers consume your content on a regular basis. The key is to under-promise and over-deliver, offering your content at a price readers are willing to pay, and making the subscription process painless.

Key Points

  • People love to receive content that matches their interests – some of it they’ll even pay for. But many publishers have a difficult time getting subscribers to their online content.
  • Readers may not be sure about your brand. Make your free content so valuable that readers would be willing to pay for it, then make your paid content even better.
  • If people are willing to pay for content, it’s the publisher’s job to figure out how much they’re willing to pay. Set the right price and people will subscribe.
  • One reason people may not want to subscribe is that they don’t read it often enough. The key is to make them an offer they are willing to accept.
  • What if you have readers who are only interested in one specific topic? Offering mini-subscriptions to a single category of content, or offering a pay-per-article solution is a way around this.
  • People are time- and security-conscious, so don’t make it too hard to subscribe.
  • A way to engage readers who are not loyal to any one publishing brand is to prove your content is better than the competition’s. Take away the reason to say “no.”
  • The surest way to lose potential subscribers is with mediocre content. See what you can do to improve your free content before you make subscription offers.
  • Ultimately, not everyone is a subscriber. So focus on enticing the people who will subscribe, and deliver great content to that audience.

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